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Founded in 1995, Techway is a professional R&D, design and manufacturing of innovative polycarbonate (PC) application materials with a history of nearly 30 years. The service field covers: architectural safety aesthetics, machine tool safety aesthetics, transportation safety protection, etc.   The service objects include: Taiwan military, police, supervision, administration, banking and other departments; International famous tool machine factory, international famous vehicle brand, etc. Over the years, the products have been recognized and adopted by customers in Japan, Europe, the United States, Taiwan and other countries. Accumulate professional experience and provide customized product services and complete product certification to meet the security needs of various industries, assist customers in product development and save time and cost for them.

LPT Polycarbonate Thermoformed Products

LPT series PC thermoformed products are made of optical grade Polycarbonate sheet with the highest impact resistance among transparent materials, which are about 30 times stronger than acrylic (PMMA) of the same thickness and about 200 times stronger than tempered glass.


Polycarbonate sheet, often used as a ballistic resistant material, has optically graded perspective to provide maximum impact resistance, durability and visibility. Hard coating surface hardness is similar to glass, scratch-resistant, not easy to break, aging-resistant, and long service life. Avoid yellowing, atomization, fragmentation and other phenomena, can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of materials and safety risks.


Processing: The product through thermoforming processing, compared with the injection molding product, has better impact strength, weather resistance and transparency with optical quality, and the cost of the mold is lower.

Hard-Coating hardening treatment for the surface of the sheet has better wear resistance, and can provide auxiliary printing, water transfer printing, metallic anti-glare coating and other post-processing.


Applications: Ballistic shields, safety protection for various transportation vehicles: motorcycle windshields, helmet shields, ship windshields, aircraft windshields, Agricultural & construction machinery shields, etc.


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